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Kate/Gibbs Fanfiction Awards
4th-Oct-2007 10:06 pm
Congratulations to all of the winners of this year’s Kate/Gibbs awards!

Best Overall Kate/Gibbs story.
"Crash and Burn" - Mindy Harmon

Best Kate-centric story.
"Knowing I'll Survive" - Sundance201

Best Gibbs-centric story.
"Premonition" - Eridewrite

Best New Kate/Gibbs Story.
"One Man's Poison" - Sammie28

"Blue Skies" - Kimberley Jackson

Best Kate/Gibbs Work In Progress.
Blue Skies - Kimberley Jackson
Blue Skies
After Tonight
In Your Eyes Part 1
In Your Eyes Part 2

Best Kate/Gibbs Romance.
"Class of '85" - Ardin

Best Kate/Gibbs Angst.
"Asked and Answered" - Maralia

Best Kate/Gibbs Humor.
"An Observation of the Interrogation Room" - Nsotnas

Best Kate/Gibbs AU.
"When you Least Expect It" - Nicola031

Best Kate/Gibbs Drabble.
“Almost” and “Former fling” - mathhhh

Best Kate/Gibbs Death fic.
"Last Kiss" - Sundance201

Best Kate/Gibbs Twilight.
"Tearless Grief" - Melanie-Anne

Best Kate/Gibbs Post-Ep.
"Cruel to Be Kind, Means that I Love You" - Sossity3

Best Kate/Gibbs Missing Scene.
"Big Fish" - Mindy Harmon

Best Kate/Gibbs NC-17.
"The Last Seduction" - Mindy Harmon

Best Casefile with Kate/Gibbs.
"One Man's Poison" - Sammie28

Best NCIS Crossover with Kate/Gibbs.
"The Mile High City Affair" - Sammie28

Best Story with Kate/Gibbs Undertones.
"A Conversation Between an Officer and an Agent" - Nsotnas

"Sun In My Heart" - Melanie-Anne

Best Kate/Gibbs Series.
Secret Lives - Dark Rolling Sea
"Secret Lives"
"Growing Pains"
"Life Ever After"

Best New Kate/Gibbs Author.
Kimberley Jackson / Dreamygirl1982

Best Kate/Gibbs Author.
Mindy Harmon

I want to take just a minute to let everyone know about Timeless, a very wonderful Kate/Gibbs memorial site that is working on archiving Kibbs fanfiction. I encourage all of the winners and nominees of this years awards to take some time and send in their stories to the site to help build up a wonderful archive full of our favorite pairing.
5th-Oct-2007 03:18 pm (UTC) - KIBBS AWARDS
CONGS !!! for all the winners and nominates !!!!...

An special hug to Kimberley !!!! ... I KEW you would win!!!
And a hard " Gibbs slap " at the same time for you ... " Oh no!!! I never win...." Thougth I heard something like this......
I'm really really happy with the awards !!!
YES, Mindy is wher...ever... when...ever THE BEST KIBBS AUTHOR !...
YES , Kimberley is the Best NEW ONE !!!! God sent her to comfort us... in the case Mindy woun't write more KIBBS .....
For the all other winners , keep writing pleeeeeaaaase, keep making our world happy and funny !!!!
5th-Oct-2007 05:36 pm (UTC)
Congratulations to all winners!Thank you,nikki,for the great work.:)*hugs*
6th-Oct-2007 09:21 am (UTC)
Thank you very much for the banners and your great work, Nikki!

And congratulations everyone. :D
6th-Oct-2007 05:29 pm (UTC)
Yay! congrats to the winners and nominees! I'm glad the awards are still going :)
23rd-Oct-2007 12:13 am (UTC) - Thank you
Just wanted to say thanks (very belated, I know!) to Nikki for doing this year after year. So faithful a fan, and so brilliant an artist, too--the award .pngs look fabulous.

And YAY YAY to all the new Kibbs authors. It's brilliant that Kate still inspires so much from the grave!

Here's to older chaps and their young female assistants.

As a side note: Sundance, now that I think about it, I think you're partly to blame for my entrance into the "NCIS" fandom, too.
28th-Oct-2007 04:52 am (UTC) - Re: Thank you

Hi all, Mindy here. Still alive and still loving you all for reading in the first place, then nominating and voting.

Congrats to all the other authors...I'm really looking forward to having a good read of this collection of the best in KIBBS! I don't read often so it's a real treat for me to have such a selection.

Congrats most of all and thanks to Nik (standing applause) -- wonderful job and I am in awe of your artwork. They fit the stories so well and that shows real thought and creativity.

Long Live KIBBS.
Love M.
28th-Sep-2010 09:26 am (UTC)
I learned from dolittlemd that LJ is deleting inactive accounts including communities. A community is inactive if there have been no posts for 24 consecutive months. It will be deleted and purged. I hope there are people , who have posting access here , because I don't want to see that community delieted.
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