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Kate/Gibbs Fanfiction Awards
4th-Sep-2007 03:20 pm
Voting begins on 9/4/07, and will end on 9/21/07.

1) Voting will be made via screened comments to this voting post.
2) Please try to vote for every category; you don’t have to, but it would be nice if you could try.
3) Vote for only one stories for each category.
4) Comment with your votes in one post.
5) You don’t have to be a member of kibbs_awards or LiveJournal to comment with your votes.

Your votes should look like this....

Title - Author

Best Overall Kate/Gibbs story.

"Unexpected Inevitability" - Faith5x5

"Crash and Burn" - Mindy Harmon

"Complexity Kills" - Ardin

"Questions" - Middleagecrazy

"The Wedding" - Sammie28

Best Kate-centric story.

"Compassion" - Marish89

"Knowing I'll Survive" - Sundance201

"To Bardo and Back" - Ausiewanab

Best Gibbs-centric story.

"Premonition" - Eridewrite

"Free" - Crepuscle

"Hope" - Mathhhh

Best New Kate/Gibbs Story.

"One Man's Poison" - Sammie28

"Blue Skies" - Kimberley Jackson

"Ice Blue" - Ardin

"Ulterior Motive" - Hellraiser

Best Kate/Gibbs Work In Progress.

Strawberry Wine - Nikkinor
This Love

Blue Skies - Kimberley Jackson
Blue Skies
After Tonight
In Your Eyes Part 1
In Your Eyes Part 2

"Returning" - Purerose

Predictable Betrayal - Maralia
"Predictable Betrayal"
"Secrets Lies and Spies"

"The Stakeout" - Nesh07

"Dolphin Hero" - Dolphinsiren and Novasupernova

Best Kate/Gibbs Romance.

"Let It Rain" - Kibbslover

"Past the Point of No Return" - 99 CDN

"Unexpected Friday" - Ardin

"Class of '85" - Ardin

Best Kate/Gibbs Angst.

"I Believe" - Novasupernova

"Always believe" - Novasupernova

"Asked and Answered" - Maralia

"Note To Self: Don't Die"-Jessica12

"Between the lines" - Catrinamarlow

Best Kate/Gibbs Humor.

"A Rung Bell" - Sammie028

"An Observation of the Interrogation Room" - Nsotnas

"Surprise Surprise" - Mindy Harmon

"Snow Bunny" - Venom69

"Coffee" - Jennukes

"The Silver Tiger" - Dolphinsiren

"The Love Song of Bat and Chick" - Mindy Harmon

Best Kate/Gibbs AU.

"Rollercoaster" - Melanie-Anne

"Fait Accompli" - Dayglo1

"When you Least Expect It" - Nicola031

"Snapshots" - AJV

"Stormchasers" - Sammie28

Best Kate/Gibbs Drabble.

Inevitable Series - Nikkinor
"Sandpaper Love"
"Emotionally Involved"
"Rse Goodbye"

“Almost” and “Former fling” - mathhhh

"Sunset" - Raindrops on Roses

Best Kate/Gibbs Death fic.

"Kate's Bête Noire" - Mathhhh

"Confessions" - kibbslover

"Last Kiss" - Navy Babe

"To Wish Impossible Things" - Jessica12

Best Kate/Gibbs Twilight.

"Tearless Grief" - Melanie-Anne

"Special Care" - Brit81

"Predictable Betrayal" - Maralia

"Gone" - Kibbslover

Best Kate/Gibbs Post-Ep.

"Somewhere Beyond" - Astral_angel

"Cruel to Be Kind, Means that I Love You" - Sossity3

"Lost for words" - Wombatgrrl

"Nobody's Home" - Sundance

Best Kate/Gibbs Missing Scene.

"Big Fish" - Mindy Harmon

"Morning of the Iguana" - Mindy Harmon

"Asked and Answered" - Maralia

"Seeing Evil" - Sammie28

"Basic Truth" - Ardin

Best Kate/Gibbs NC-17.

"After Tonight" - Kimberley Jackson

"28 Words" - Kimberley Jackson

"The Last Seduction" - Mindy Harmon

"Relieving Frustrations" - Raindrops on Roses

Best Casefile with Kate/Gibbs.

"One Man's Poison" - Sammie28

"Secret Lives" - Dark Rolling Sea

"Made Of Glass" - Tomcat

Best NCIS Crossover with Kate/Gibbs.

"The Mile High City Affair" - Sammie28

"Nine Lives" - Sammie28
Part 1
Part 2

"Life Changes" - Lovely-Aiko

"Second Encounter" - Gullnick

Best Story with Kate/Gibbs Undertones.

"A Conversation Between an Officer and an Agent" - Nsotnas

"Sun In My Heart" - Melanie-Anne

"Nightwatch" - Crepuscle

"Coffee" - Jennukes

"The Unexpected" - Mathhhh

Best Kate/Gibbs Series.

Inevitable Series - Nikkinor
"Sandpaper Love"
"Emotionally Involved"
"Rse Goodbye"

Secret Lives - Dark Rolling Sea
"Secret Lives"
"Growing Pains"
"Life Ever After"

Elevator Talk - Brandy
"Elevator Talk"
"After the Doors are Opened"
"Early Morning Coffee"

Best New Kate/Gibbs Author.

Kimberley Jackson / Dreamygirl1982

Maralia / Spinspin




Best Kate/Gibbs Author.


Mindy Harmon


Kimberley Jackson / Dreamygirl1982

Sundance / NavyBabe




B. Cavis


Raindrops on Roses



Dark Rolling Sea


Nicola031 / Moonstruck_022

Dolphinsiren and Novasupernova
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